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HMB and Muscle Growth

β-Hydroxy-β-methylbutyric acid, or HMB, comes from leucine. It is essentially another amino acid. It is one of the supplements that have attracted the interest of the sports and scientific world in recent years. In fact, some studies have proven its effectiveness in both building and maintaining lean muscle mass to such an extent that many compare it to creatine. HMB is believed to work by increasing the cell's ability to use the protein an organism receives. These anabolic effects suggest that it affects testosterone production.

Unlike anabolic hormones, which promote muscle wasting by increasing protein synthesis in muscle groups, HMB affects strength and lean muscle mass by acting as an anti-catabolic agent, minimizing muscle breakdown and breakdown of muscle proteins, after training.

In addition, HMB has been shown to reduce bad cholesterol and systolic blood pressure. 

The advantages of HMB

  • Protein absorption
  • Strength
  • Restoration
  • Aerobic endurance
  • Weight loss
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