Nitric Oxide Increase

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Nitric Oxide Increase

Nitric oxide: The secret source of our strength

Nitric oxide is produced in our body and offers many long-term benefits. It is released by immune cells to neutralize infectious bacteria. It also keeps the mitochondria in our cells healthy, which provide us with energy, dilate the veins and contribute to the smooth functioning of the body by reducing blood pressure and improving circulation.However, the greatest benefits of nitric oxide are for our muscles, since it makes them require less oxygen to work at a higher intensity, but also more efficiently. This means it allows you to push yourself harder during training.

In summary the benefits of nitric oxide in our body      

Better recovery:  Nitric oxide supports the amount of blood flow thereby allowing more oxygen to be delivered to the working muscles. So more nutrients reach the muscle tissues after a hard workout.

Reduced Fatigue: During   exercise the body quickly begins to run out of oxygen. When this is done, a build-up of lactic acid begins to form in the muscle tissue, which then creates a fairly high level of fatigue. Nitric oxide transports more oxygen to the tissues, thus reducing the amount of lactic acid build-up and correspondingly the amount of fatigue.

Increased endurance: Increased blood flow carrying oxygen to the muscles will help you exercise longer without tiring.

More energy: An indirect effect of nitric oxide on exercise performance is that blood flow enables us to maintain body temperature balance.

How can we get nitric oxide?

1. Foods rich in nitric oxide
Beetroot: Recent studies have found that beetroot juice contributes positively to health by increasing exercise endurance, improving blood flow, reducing inflammation and high blood pressure as well as the risk of heart disease. The reason for all this is the greater production of nitric oxide by the human body, due to the nitrites (nitrogen compounds) contained in the beet

Arugula : Arugula has one of the highest levels of nitrates of all leafy green vegetables, helping to increase blood flow and thus overall performance of the organization
2. Supplements
In terms of taking supplements, the best nitrate on the market is citrulline (nitric acid powder), which is a final product of the metabolism of the amino acid glutamine. Citrulline is also a metabolic product of arginine metabolism and can be converted back to arginine in the kidneys.  Citrulline is a more ideal source of arginine than arginine itself, because during its course in the body it is not destroyed in the liver.

Nitric oxide side effects
Nitric oxide supplements have been shown to cause some side effects so you should check with your doctor to make sure nitric oxide supplements are safe for you. The negatives of nitric oxide are related to L-arginine and may include an increased allergic asthmatic reaction and hypotension, or low blood pressure, and could adversely affect the healing process after a surgical procedure due to the distribution of blood flow.

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