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Their first teeth

Teething is a difficult stage for both the baby and the parents, as their first teeth tend to be the most painful. As the baby seeks relief from the pain, they want to bite and gnaw on anything that will soothe its irritated gums. Teether chew toys are a great and safe alternative!

Safe game

While there are many safe ways to ease your baby's teething pain, there are also many bad practices that should not be used.
  • Always check the material: Considering how much a baby bites, some chew toys may not stand the test of time. Always check the surface of the toy for cracks and if found, throw it away. 
  • Don't freeze it: A cold chew toy can be very refreshing and comforting for a baby. Experts recommend chilling it in your refrigerator instead of the freezer. When it freezes, it can become very hard and damage the gums. It can also damage the durability of the game.
  • Avoid lots of fittings and accessories: Although this is a popular category it is best to avoid them as small beads and accessories can be a choking hazard.
  • Keep a bib nearby: All that chewing saliva can cause skin irritation.