Pulse Oximeters

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    Beurer Pulse Oximeter PO30 - Finger Oximeter  Other Devices
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    Microlife Pulse Oximeter OXY 300 - Pulse oximeter  Oximeters
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    Microlife Oxy 200 - Finger Pulse Oximeter  Oximeters
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    Matsuda Finger Pulse Oximeter (CMS50D1) - Finger Pulse Oximeter  Oximeters
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    Alfacheck  Pulse Oximeter (1τμχ) - Λευκό Παλμικό Οξύμετρο Δαχτύλου  Oximeters
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Pulse Oximeters

Make sure your blood oxygen levels are right

It is known that approximately 97% of the oxygen found in the blood circulates in the hemoglobin of red blood cells. The oximeters calculate the saturation of hemoglobin through infrared light emitting at the site which is placed.

The majority of oximeters in circulation are pulse oximeters. THE their usefulness combined with their affordable price makes them essential tools for use by people with cardiac or respiratory conditions problems, but also for circumstances such as Covid-19 infection.

Properties of Oximeters

An oximeter is a simple, non-invasive medical device that measures the oxygen saturation in the blood and also your pulses.

The properties of oximeters at a glance:

  • They fit the finger

  • They measure oxygen levels in the blood

  • They measure the heart rate

Discover reliable oximeters at Pharmnet

Find a range of certified finger oximeters in the large collection of Pharmnet pharmacy items. Choose the appropriate one based on the needs and accurately measure your blood oxygen at any time.